Monday, October 8, 2007

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly reflection

All together I thought that The Diving Bell and the Butterfly was a great book. At some points in the book I thought that it was difficult to read with some of the words he choose to use but once I figured out what they meant I would love how he wrote with them. One of my favorite things about this memoir was that it taught you meanings of life but then would involve humor. This memoir also reminded me of what I believe, which is to live your life to the fullest. This is a perfect example of how every person has no idea what is going to happen to them so you have to appreciate what you have. Jean- Dominique Bauby had a wonderful life until December 8th even though in his eyes it was not wonderful anymore after his “massive stroke” that caused locked in syndrome, I still think that he made the best out of what he could. One thing that I admire about Bauby is that he was always positive and could make something so ordinary seem so extraordinary. I love how he explains the title of the book in detail and how it fits perfectly for this memoir. One thing that I did not really like was that he jumped around so much on his story’s so they were hard to follow sometimes. I think that this book helps remind a person that you need to appreciate your family and friends and that when they are in a near death experience that you know that you left them in the right way. His dreams that he had made me realize that I want to set out dreams/goals that I can try to accomplish such as he did. I feel that some of the lessons that I learned from this book I will use on how I want to live my everyday life.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Happy birthday or whatever pages 91-128 part 2

The memoir, Happy Birthday or whatever, tells funny story's of Annie Choi's life. Her mother, who is some what crazy at times is also very loving and just wants the best for her children which reminds me of my mom and dad. Annie talks about how her mother got breast cancer and remembers everything about it. I can relate to that because my father had throat cancer when I was little and I know how hard cancer is for someone to go through. I think that one of the weakness of this book is that the story's she tells like chapter after chapter don't flow together like they jump around on how old she is and don't really go together so sometimes it is hard to understand. I think a strength in this book is that all the story's she tells are funny and keep you wanting to read more which is always good. I think that the rest of the book will just keep getting better. It seems that every chapter I learn a little more about her life.

Happy birthday or whatever pages 91-128 part 1

In the 8th chapter, Holy Crap, Annie descirbes how her mother got this huge picture of the pope and other catholic figures all over the house. Her mother was so excited when she got the picture of the pope she made Annie get out of the bathroom and had her brother run downstairs and made her father turn off the TV so they could meet in the kitchen. When the whole family was there they saw a big brown box and started to open they had no idea what to expect. Once they finally got the box open they relized it was a massive photo of John Paul II. Annie was devisated when her mother decied to put it in the front hallway. Everytime one of Annie's friends walked threw the front door they all questioned why that was there but Annie made sure that no one said anything in front of her mother. Annie's mother also started putting catholic crosses all around the house and rosarys. The Choi house was being decorated with religous items all over it and Annie was very embarrassed about it. In the ninth chapter, The Best Diet, Annie tells about an expierence she had while being at the Univerisity of California of Berkeley. The expierence that Annie went threw was that her mother got breast cancer. Her mother, father and brother all new about before Annie did. Annie's family did not want to worry her while she was at college, her mother had already had it for three months before she had found out. Although it was a rough time for the family Annie's mother did great, she said " the best diet is cancer". Her mother had lost a ton of weight from the cemo and loved how she looked. In the end Annie's mom made it threw it all and it seemed that Annie was more worried then her mother about it all.
Annie Choi was born in San Fernando Valley. She was also a graduate of the University of California of Berkeley, and Columbia University. As for right now she lives in New York City. Annie has a Korean backround which is very important to how she was raised. Annie has one brother, Mike, he is older and helps Annie threw some rough times that she goes through having a crazy mother and agreeable father. Growing up Annie was raised to get straight A's and that church was very important and her Korean backround of course was a huge aspect of how she has became who she is today.