Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It had to be you the gossip girl prequel pages 59-115 post B

So Blair and Serena’s plan worked out. Their plan was to not let Nate attend the debutant ball with L’Wren. So after the terrible news that Blair just found out about her father being gay and leaving the family, all she was interested in was getting Nate to take her mind off her father’s news. So at the pre-party Blair and Serena were in the hot tub and then Nate walked in and they made him get in. Nate was really interested in kissing Serena again but she new that she could not let Blair get any more bad news, so she decided to leave the hot tub for just Blair and Nate. Then Serena went and kissed Chuck Bass so that Nate and Blair would kiss and Nate would not be thinking about her. So Blair made the move and they kissed all night. Meanwhile Serena went home and cried herself to sleep. Nate realized that Blair was the one he loved. Blair told Nate that she loved him and he did not know how to respond but by the end he said it back to her. Dan and Vanessa kissed too. Not as much as Blair and Nate just a kiss on the lips. Dan and Vanessa had hung out that whole night and by the end Dan passed out and Vanessa had to put him into bed. Although Serena was just kissing Chuck to kiss him Chuck felt differently. The next morning Chuck went to Serena’s house with starbucks and flowers. Serena made him leave because she clearly still has feelings for Nate. So this section of the book was all about drama. Blair is really happy because she finally got Nate. Nate believes he is now in love with Blair but is still thinking about Serena. Serena is heartbroken on how she has lost Nate even though she knows it is the right thing. Dan is still obsessed with Serena and does not know how he feels about Vanessa. Vanessa is thinking that she is in love with Dan. Jenny is still very happy about her going through puberty. So there are many mix emotions going on still.

It had to be you the gossip girl prequel pages 176-214 post A

Figurative Language
1." Dan's brain flickered off and on like a TV set in an electrical storm." (page 199) I new that this was a simile because it it comparing something using the word like.
2. " Blair's entire body felt like wax after it had melted and then cooled." (page 193) This is a simile because it it showing the comparisent by using the word like.
3. " Dan didn't say anything, but his face turned as red as the lobster in his poem." (page 185) I new that this was a simile because the word as is showing the comparisent.

1. ogling- (page 176) To stare in an flirtatious way
2. coyly- (page 180) to be shy or modest

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It had to be you the gossip girl prequel pages 116-175 post B

So I am really started to get into some juicy details about all the characters lives. Blair finally reveals to Serena that she is in love with Nate. Although Serena new this Blair had never admitted it before so it was a big step for Blair. But the whole time Blair was telling Serena her true feelings Serena could not stop thinking about how she was in love with Nate and of course their kiss from the night before. Nate had finally got some new male friends, Charlie Dern, Jeremy Scott Tompkinson, and Anthony Avuldsen. Although the way he met them was not the best way, he seemed to enjoy himself with them. All of those new friends Nate meets are his new getting high off of weed friends. Once Serena and Blair remember that Nate is escorting L’Wren to the debutante ball they were determined to make sure that did not happen. Serena had a meeting with Dean Kaplan of Hanover which is a boarding school. Serena tells her father that she does not want to go to boarding school so her father says she does not have to if she does not want to. Then Blair found out that her father had left her mother. He gave her a kitten with a note, he did not even say goodbye in person. Once Blair realized this she binged. At the pre- party for the debutante ball Blair found out that her father was gay and had a partner. Blair felt so awful that she went into the bathroom and purged three more times. In all this was just a dramatic time period in the book.

It had to be you the gossip girl prequel pages 116-175 post A

1. macrobiotic (page 145) - The theory or practice of promoting well-being and longevity, principally by means of a diet consisting chiefly of whole grains and beans.
2. aphrodisiacs (page 165)- Something, such as a drug or food, having such an effect; sexual pleasures

Figurative language

1." Dan flew across the room like one of those disposable bad guys in a James Bond movie." (page 174) This is a simile, and I know that it is because it is showing comparisent with the word like.
2. " The shiny, brightly colored packages with their bold brand names screamed at her like a lurid chorus." (page 170) This literary element is a simile and the reason it is because it is using the word like while comparing something.
3. " Blair giggled merrily, watching her bounce, oblivious to the gap that had already formed between them like a crack in a side walk." (page 120) This simile is a literary element because it is using the word like while comparing something.