Thursday, November 29, 2007

types of DEBATE

School Debate team
These debates are located at different schools of the teams you compeite against. The purpose of this kind of debate is just for fun but for others it may be because its something they want in their future. Having said that they debate for fun I think that when people debate for fun they would arrive at a better decision. The debate is structured.This effects the decision making process by the evidence is given in a structured manner and the team that deserves to win should win.
Political Debates
This kind of debates usually occurs at universities and other places of learning. The purpose of the debate is that the debates allow political candidates to present their views on issues and they also help voters decide who to vote for.Yes I think that this does help make the decison arrive better because it gives the voters a great oppurtunity to see who the person is.The debate is structured.Yes this does effect the decison making process by it makes it fair for both sides and allows all parties involved to get their fair share of talking in.
Court Cases Debate
These are in courtrooms.The purpose of this kind of debate is court cases happen when someone is accused of doing something wrong and is pronounced guilty or not guilty. This doesn’t necessarily help arrive at a better decison because someone could not be guilty and they declare them guily. But for the most part they are usually right so yes I guess it does. It is structured. This effects the decison making process because the court can come to a more logical decision if it is structured.
Family/Friend Debates
This can happen wherever you talk with your friends or family. The purpose of this is that you may have different opinion about something than your friend or family does so it may lead to a debate.This may not help arrive at a very good decision. This is unstructured. This can effect the decison making process by it might be very difficult to arrive at a decision at all sometimes.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It had to be you the gossip girl prequel pages 59-115 post B

So I am actually starting to read like the fun part in my book. I feel like the whole first section was just kind of introducing the characters so I am glad that it is starting to get exciting. In my book right now it is February and it just reached Valentines Day and Serena, Blair, and Nate go to a party together. At the party Nate hooked up with a old crush. Serena and Blair danced the night away and had a little to much to drink. Serena’s parents were out of town so all three of them slept at her house. Later that night Serena and Nate kissed while Blair was asleep. Dan and Vanessa also went to the party. They both got kicked out for not being cool enough and had to climb the outside stairs to get out. Then after that they went to a coffee shop and both tried cigarettes for the first time. I have a feeling that they will remain good friends. Jenny who is Dan’s little seventh grade sister is still wishing that she looked like Serena and is struggling with her image. Then the old crush that Nate hooked up with ,L’Wren, asked him to be her escort for a debutante ball. Once Serena and Blair heard this they were both crushed. Serena and Blair are both in love with Nate but have not told each other so it looks like that is going to create some drama. Nate is also in love with them both and can not choose so that is why he has not picked one just yet. I can not wait to keep reading this!

It had to be you the gossip girl prequel pages 59-115 post A

1.antithesis:opposite (page 81)

2.postcoital: occurring, existing or sexual intercourse (page 90)

Figurative Language
1. "Instead, he allowed himself to be carried like a bag of laundry across the front hall and out the door marked EXIT."(page 81) I new that this was a simile because it is a comparisent made with using the word like.

2." But here was this scruffy, lost-looking boy with wide light brown eyes like a baby deer's caught in headlights." (page 82) I new this was a similie because this quote is comparing something using the word like.

3."Mmmm.Yumm.Wow." (page 85) I new that this was a onomatopoeia because it is a imitation of a sound.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sea Inside post 3

There were many scenes that made the movie have more meaning. In the scenes where he would look out the window and fly had a lot of meaning. They used a dolly shot in those and it actually made me feel like I was flying and looking at the ground and sea. In the scene where he was being tried, they used a low angle shot on the judges to make them look more powerful and a high angle to make him look helpless and disabled. They also used a lot of medium shots to show like you are in the conversation with them. They used establishing shots to show the setting. In the scene where Julia is looking at the pictures with Ramon, they use an extreme close up on the pictures to make it seem like you're the one looking at the pictures. They also used truck movements when Ramon went in the car to go places. They did this to make it seem like you were looking out the window with Ramon.

Sea Inside post 2

The Sea Inside and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly are similar but also very different to eachother. One similarity between the two is that both movie and book include a person that is quadriplegic. Also in both, they were older guys and they both still had family. In The Sea Inside, Ramon did something that had a consequence of him being quadriplegic which was diving into shallow water. In The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Bauby's symptoms came out of nowhere. Also Ramon wanted to die and he killed himself and Bauby died cause it was his time. The last difference between the two was Ramon was able to speak and see and Bauby was able to just blink.The one I believe was more powerful was The Sea Inside. The reason I believe this was more powerful because it talks more about his problems he has rather than random dreams he has. Also it is more powerful because he actually kills himself so you see how painful his life must be in order for him to want to do that to himself.

Sea Inside post 1

I thought that The Sea Inside was a really good movie. At first I did not think I would like the movie because of the subtitles, but then I got use to them. I thought that the storyline was well thought out and it was a very interesting movie. I couldn’t really stop watching which usually does not happen for me in movies at school. I think that Ramon’s request for suicide was understandable. If I were in that situation I most likely would feel the same way, living in a bed for 28 years does not sound good to me at all. The court’s reaction to Ramon’s request was the way I expected them to react. It’s unlawful for them to just tell a man who needs help with the suicide, to sure go kill yourself. I think that Ramon had friends who truly cared about him and they know he just wanted to be put to rest so badly and respected his decision. It was obviously very hard on his friends when he finally did die but his friends loved him so much that they agreed with his decision and Rosa ended up helping him and loved him very much.

Happy Birthday or whatever FINAL POST

happy birthday or whatever pages 209-242 END OF BOOK

In the last chapter of the book, New Year's Games, this chapter ended in current time and Annie was celebrating New Year's Eve with her whole entire family at her parents house. Annie and her family play a game that is kind of like "sorry" but is a little different. Instead of using a dice to see how many spaces you move they used four chopsticks and one side is the correct "up" side and one is the correct "down" side and its all different formations that they make, and that determines home many spaces you move. Another family tradition that they had was to always have all the children bow for the parents but since they were all grown up their grandparents and parents agreed that now that one of the kids got married and had a child they weren't going to give out money anymore. Even though they agreed and all the kids complained, most of the couples still gave Annie money, but as a secret from everyone else. In the end Annie and her mother got along which was nice to see. The last couple pages were acknowledgments that Annie Choi made.

happy birthday or whatever pages 161-208

I commented on Kelsey McElroy's blog and Kara Randalls.
So in the chapter, Fool Who Play Cool, Annie tells the story of when her family goes to Soraksan. Annie was not excited about going. Annie's mother brought some of her friends and the whole time her and her friends would play music that they thought made them look cool. At one point in this chapter they made Annie do karaoke in Korean language so she was not happy about this. Although Annie's mom had alot of fun on this trip it seems that Annie only thought it was okay. In the chapter, Rules of Engagement, Annie was in the car with her father because he was taking her to the airport. Annie and her father do not talk inless it is about serious matters. So on the way down to the airport her father was telling her how she needed to get married because he was getting old. Annie was mad because she is not even that old yet, she is only 26 years old. It also talked about how her cousin,Andy, was not married and how he needed to. In the end Andy and Annie became closer friends with their similarities in life.
I think that this book has taught me a lot about the Korean lifestyle. The Choi family follows all of the Korean rules and it seems that it is very strict. Through every chapter that I have read I feel that Annie is wanting to be unique but the lifestyle that her family wants for her is not allowing her to. I feel bad for Annie because she does not see the same way her mother does so they fight about everything. For me that would be so hard to fight with my mother about everything because I value what she tells me and if I did not agree with anything that she said that would be very hard for me. I also think that it is sad that her father wants her to get married just because he thinks he is getting old and she is, I believe that she should wait tell she finds love not just marry to get married. Also I think that it would be tough to live with a mother who is as controlling as her mom is. This novel so far has taught me that I am very thankful for my family and that they value my opinion.

happy birthday or whatever pages 129-160 post 2

So in Happy Birthday or Whatever in the chapter Vegetarian Enough it as all about how Annie and her mother are fighting because her mother believes that you should eat meat and Annie becomes a vegetarian. Through the whole chapter her mother tells her she has to make her own food from now on because she was not going to make a special meal just for Annie and was just being rude to Annie. In this whole chapter Annie and her mother do not get along. In the next chapter, The Devil Moisturizes, she tells storys from when she went to visit her grandmother in Korea. If you ask me her gandmother is more rude then her mother which I did not think was possible. During the trip Annie got in a fight with her brother Michael so that was not good at all. Annie tells storys of how her gandmother would critize her on just the littlest things. It seems as if she doesn't have fun when she goes to visit.

Happy birthday or whatever 129-160 post 1

" In my gandmother's opinion, everything was too something- the weather was too cold,food was too spicy, clothes were too itchy, the neighborhood was too loud and too dirty." Happy Birthday or Whatever by Annie Choi (page 141). I thought that this quote set the tone of the book because in every chapter it seems that something is not right. Even though this is just one quote revealing that everyone was very optionated in her family I feel that it describes the book. In every chapter Annie always tells storys from her life and how something is not right and this quote says to me that even her gandmother always thought something was wrong. It just describes the Choi family because so far from what I have read it this novel is about how Annie and how she is not perfect which is how her grandmother felt about everything.
"It doesn't matter-I'm still not eating meat. And I can fold my own shirts anway I want" Happy Birthday or Whatever by Annie Choi (page 131). I think that this quote said by Annie describes the novel. When Annie said this she was fighting with her mother about how she did not want to eat meat and she was folding laundry with her mother and her mom was yelling at her for doing it wrong. All of Annie's storys which make this novel are always Annie and her mother having different opinions on things so I think thiss quote does a very nice job of setting the tone of the book.

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It had to be you the gossip girl prequel pages 1-58 post B

Dear Serena,
Although it may seem hard to tell your best friend, Blair Waldorf, that you are going to boarding school when she is upset about how she thinks her dad, Harold J. Waldorf 3, is having a affair I still think you should tell her sooner rather then later. Once Blair finds out that you told your other best friend who you are both in love with, Nate Archibald, she will be even more mad at you so I think you really should tell her even if it does seem like a bad time. Also even though you have not told Nate or Blair that you are in love with Nate I think that you should. Everything always works out better if you do not keep secrets. I also think that during double photography even though you did not get to work with Blair and you are working with Kati that you should still be nice to her. I can tell she cares a lot about what you think of her since you are one of the popular girls at Constance Billard School for Girls so you should really try and be nice to her! Oh and I also think its really cool how everyone your with can be in a really bad mood and you can make sure that when they leave from hanging out with you that they are not in a bad mood anymore. I can not wait to see what the rest of the book I will learn about you!

It had to be you the gossip girl prequel pages 1-58 post A

Vocab Words

1. Jutted (page 6) - to extend beyond the main body or line

2.Bilious (page 11) - extremely unpleasant or distasteful

Figurative Language

1."Her entire body was as long and lean and taut as the strings on his Prince titanium tennis racket." (page 7) I new that this was a literary element because it was comparing the two objects using the word as so I new it was a simile.

2."Ew,ew,ew!" (page 53) I new this was a onomatopoeia because this refers to when she smelt something bad and a onomatopoeia is when imitation of sound is associated with the objects or actions they refer to.

3. " He rolled onto his back and wriggled like Serena's long-dead golden retriever,Guppy, when she used to let him loose on the green grass of the Great Lawn in Central Park." (page 3)- So I know this is a simile because it is comparing two things using the word like.

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New Outside Reading Book Quarter 2

The title of my book is, It had to be you, the gossip girl prequel. The author of the novel is Cecily von Ziegesar. This novel was published in 2007. It had to be you is a fiction. This gossip girl prequel is 402 pages. One way that I know that this is sufficiently challenging for a sophomore like myself is that it says, "for ages 15 and up". Which is perfect for me because I am sixteen years old. Another way that I know that this is suitable to read for a high school student is that New York Magazine said," suprisingly sophisticated". I chose to read this book for this assignment because I have read a couple of the books in the series and really enjoyed them. I also watch the tv show, Gossip Girl, but some of the stuff is hard to understand because they do not tell you what happens before so I am hoping that this will help me understand the show and the couple novels I read from the series. Another reason why I chose this book is that I wanted to read a book that I will enjoy and will keep me interested and I have never heard one bad word about this series of books. I am really excited to start reading this book!