Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Sister's Keeper week 7 post B

Dear Jodi Picoult,
I have wrote you a letter already when I was in the beginning of reading My Sister's Keeper but I recently just finished it. You seriously did a awesome job I just never wanted to put it down. I was so shocked to read that in the end Anna died. I mean how did you think to have that happen? I want to read all of your books so badly now. Seriously I really enjoyed reading this book and I don't usually say that about most books so thank you! I loved how you had so many messages in the book. I felt as though there were so many great things that I could take out from this book. This book made me so thankful for my family and espically sister. I can not believe that Anna died. I liked how while I read this book I learned so much about Kate's sickness and just how much it really affects a family not just Kate. You are a amazing author so I hope you keep writting storys! Can't wait to read more of yours!

My Sister's Keeper week 7 post A

1. waive (214),trans verb: give up, forsake
2. endearment (178), noun: the act of showing affection

Figurative Language
1. " I spot Anna right away, sitting on the trampoline as an instrutor bounces them up and down like popcorn" (171). This is an example of a simile because it is comparing something while using the word like.
2. " Five years have passed, but the seats fit like an old baseball glove" (167). This is an example because it is comparing the years to a baseball glove while using the word like.
3. " That the power of positive thinking can work like a pair of wings to get you where you need to be" (178). This is an example of a simile because it is comparing positive thinking to a pair of wings while using the word like.

"Doubt thou that the stars are fire;
Doubt thou that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt that I love". (201) This quote is important to me because it reminds that having doubt in someone or something can make matters worst and that you should trust people more. I think this is true for the book because it so many parts I feel like the family just needs to communicate with each other. I really like how they have quotes from other books in this book when it is a new day. I think it is a great idea how on the new day they have these kind of quotes that make you think.
I think the theme of this book is to always believe in yourself and you will be suprised of who you can become or what you can do.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Sister's Keeper week 6 post B

My Sister's Keeper is starting to get really interesting. One thing that I thought was really cool was when Anna talked about how they got to have a regular Thanksgiving because Kate was not in the hospital. I can only imagine not knowing on Thanksgiving if I am going to have a great meal or another meal from the hospital. I also liked when Brian told about a experience he had while he was on call for fire fighting. I think it is really cool to hear storys like that. When I read this part of the book I felt as though I was talking to someone who was telling me the story so that was really cool. I also liked when Brian talked about how miracles happen. It just made me believe that anything is possible. I always wondered how someone could become a firefighter so it was cool to hear why he became one. When I read the chapter that Anna wrote I felt sad because she loves her family so much and it is clear but she just wants to be her own person which I can tell is still hard for her. Also when I read how Julia still blames things on Campbell I felt bad for her. I kind of felt like everyone just wants someone to blame in this book.

My Sister's Keeper week 6 post A

1. combustible (142) adj - capable of catching on fire and burning
2. rhododendrons(135) noun- any of numerous usually evergreen ornamental shrubs of the genus, having clusters of variously colored, often bell-shaped flowers.

Figuartive Language
1. " She crossed her legs against the wall, so that it looked like she was just sitting upside down" (134). This is a example of a simile because it is comparing the way she crossed her legs and sitting while using the word like.
2. " The man beside me had sky-eyes, a black ponytail, and began to kiss a white-haired gentleman flush on the mouth" (151). This is a example of imagery because you can picture the way this person looks.
3. " I trick myself into believing that I can see those rogue leukemia cells moving like a rumor through her system" (138). This is a example of a simile because it is compaing the leukemia cells to her system while using the word like.

" We never know, at first, if we are headed into a cooker or a smudge" (141). I think this is a important quote because it just reminds me that you never know what your going to get and to be prepared for anything.

I think the theme of this part of the book is to remember all of the good times and not the bad.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Sister's Keeper week 5 post B

Dear Julia,
Is being a twin ever get annoying? In the beginning of your chapter you were fighting with your sister, Izzy, about all of your kitchen appliances. I thought that was mean what you said to her about her girlfriend breaking up with her. Then right after you said that mean comment you were trying to have her forgive you which I understand but someone usually does not say something that mean and then ask for forgiveness right after you said it. I think it is cool how you were different when you were younger and your sister was the goody goody girl and now that you are in your thirties you are a lawyer and a GAL and your sister is a jewelry maker out of paper clips. I think you seem like a very loyal person for dropping everything you were doing to go get Anna from her house. I realize you took Anna to the zoo so she could feel more comfortable around you while you were asking her questions but I kind of think that didn’t really help Anna it just made her feel awkward. I thought it was nice that when Anna asked you to bring her inside so she would not get in trouble with her mom you did. I also liked that once you realized the case between Anna and her family that you went and talked to Campbell even though that was the last thing you wanted to do. I think you seem like a very caring, loyal, and responsible person. I can not wait to find out more about you!

My Sister's Keeper week 5 post A

1.ad litem (128)- for the purposes of a lawsuit or legal action only, referring to a temporary guardian
2.derogatory (116)- to lessen the reputation of a person or thing

Figurative language

1." They'll watch the gibbons swinging around like Olympic gymnasts and just start talking about what happens at home, without even realizing what they are doing" (110) This is a example of a simile because it is comparing the gibbons to gymnasts while using the word like.
2." Her eyes go dull as old gold" (113) This is a example of a simile because it is comparing Anna's eyes to old gold while using the word as.
3. " He's asleep, curled like a braided rug to the left of my desk" (117) This is a example of a simile because it is comparing Campbells's dog, Judge, to a rug while using the word like.


" A photo says, You were happy, and I wanted to catch that. A photo says, You were so important to me that I put down everything else to come watch"(130) This quote was said by Anna and right before this she was talking about how her parents did not take very many photos of her and how she was sad about that. For some reason I just thought this was really cool because it reminds me that when my mom is being annoying and always trys to take pictures of me that its just because she cares about me and that I should be thankful that she does want pictures of me. This reminds me to just keep being thankful for all the great oppurtunties I have.


I think the theme for this part that I read is to work together and always be there for people who need help.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Sister's Keeper week 4 post B

Dear Campbell,
I feel like you are a confusing man. When we first meet you in the book you are not sure if you want to work on Anna's case and just confused about the whole thing, and now you are working on the case! I think it is really awesome how you are trying to help Anna with her case. I think Anna should have a right to her own body too. But I do not get how Anna does not stand up to her mother, the whole thing confuses me a lot. Anna says she wants one thing and then does not totally follow through with it because I think she chickens out. I think Anna will keep fighting though. How did you feel when you heard Anna was done with the case? I think that your job is very interesting and I want to know more about it so I hope I get to learn more about it in the book. I hope you keep helping other people with their lawsuits. I can not wait to see what else will happen with Anna and her family! Keep up the good work!

My Sister's Keeper week 4 post A

1. Platelets (97) - noun, a colorless disklike body of mammalian blood that also can make blood clotting
2. Oncologist (97) - noun, the study of tumors

Figurative language

1. "His boat was a USA-1 class, a marvel of mahogany and teak, one he'd bought from the keyboard player J. Geils up in Marblehead. In other words: a dream, a status symbol, and a rite of passage, all wrapped up in a gleaming white sail and a honey-colored hull." (79) This is Campbell describing the sail so that we have a picture of it.
2."Then all of a sudden, she bursts to life, jerking up like a tire jack and puking blood." (96) This is an example of a simile because Jodi is comparing Kate to a tire jack while using the word like.
3.."I have seen her before be a tiger, fighting a medical system that isn't moving fast enough for her"(88). This is a example of a metaphor because it is comparing Anna's mom to a tiger and NOT using the word like or as.

" Kate and I are Siamese twins; you just can't see the spot where we're connected" (92) In the this quote Anna was just finishing telling about her feeling on how she does everything for Kate. For some reason this just really stayed in my mind while I read the next chapter. I think this is a good quote because it just really makes you realize how lucky we are and how much Anna does not like doing all of that stuff for Kate but does it anyway.

I think the theme so far in the book is fight for your rights.