Sunday, October 7, 2007

Happy birthday or whatever pages 91-128 part 2

The memoir, Happy Birthday or whatever, tells funny story's of Annie Choi's life. Her mother, who is some what crazy at times is also very loving and just wants the best for her children which reminds me of my mom and dad. Annie talks about how her mother got breast cancer and remembers everything about it. I can relate to that because my father had throat cancer when I was little and I know how hard cancer is for someone to go through. I think that one of the weakness of this book is that the story's she tells like chapter after chapter don't flow together like they jump around on how old she is and don't really go together so sometimes it is hard to understand. I think a strength in this book is that all the story's she tells are funny and keep you wanting to read more which is always good. I think that the rest of the book will just keep getting better. It seems that every chapter I learn a little more about her life.

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