Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It had to be you the gossip girl prequel pages 116-175 post B

So I am really started to get into some juicy details about all the characters lives. Blair finally reveals to Serena that she is in love with Nate. Although Serena new this Blair had never admitted it before so it was a big step for Blair. But the whole time Blair was telling Serena her true feelings Serena could not stop thinking about how she was in love with Nate and of course their kiss from the night before. Nate had finally got some new male friends, Charlie Dern, Jeremy Scott Tompkinson, and Anthony Avuldsen. Although the way he met them was not the best way, he seemed to enjoy himself with them. All of those new friends Nate meets are his new getting high off of weed friends. Once Serena and Blair remember that Nate is escorting L’Wren to the debutante ball they were determined to make sure that did not happen. Serena had a meeting with Dean Kaplan of Hanover which is a boarding school. Serena tells her father that she does not want to go to boarding school so her father says she does not have to if she does not want to. Then Blair found out that her father had left her mother. He gave her a kitten with a note, he did not even say goodbye in person. Once Blair realized this she binged. At the pre- party for the debutante ball Blair found out that her father was gay and had a partner. Blair felt so awful that she went into the bathroom and purged three more times. In all this was just a dramatic time period in the book.

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