Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It had to be you the gossip girl prequel pages 176-214 post A

Figurative Language
1." Dan's brain flickered off and on like a TV set in an electrical storm." (page 199) I new that this was a simile because it it comparing something using the word like.
2. " Blair's entire body felt like wax after it had melted and then cooled." (page 193) This is a simile because it it showing the comparisent by using the word like.
3. " Dan didn't say anything, but his face turned as red as the lobster in his poem." (page 185) I new that this was a simile because the word as is showing the comparisent.

1. ogling- (page 176) To stare in an flirtatious way
2. coyly- (page 180) to be shy or modest

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