Saturday, January 19, 2008

Top 10 list

1.The setting of this book takes place in Upper East Side of New York City. Constance is where the girls, Blair, Serena, Jenny, Vanessa, and some of their friends attend school. Constance is in the Upper East Side as well. This is a very wealthy community and all the girls are used to getting whatever they want. Jenny Humphrey on the other hand lives on the West side which is not as nice or wealthy.
2.The main Characters in the book Blair Waldorf, Serena van der Woodsen, Nate Archibald, Dan Humphrey, Jenny Humphrey, Vanessa Abrams, and Chuck Bass. Blair, Serena and Nate are all best friends. Nate’s best guy friend is Chuck. Dan and Vanessa meet at their first real high school party and start to have a relationship. Jenny is two years younger then all of them, but she looks up to them a lot and does whatever Blair makes her do. Dan and Jenny are also obsessed with Serena but she doesn’t know who they are.
3.This book’s narration is done in second person. This is so important that it is told from an outsiders view because the narrator bounces around to many different groups of friends and conflicts. If it were told by just one person’s view, say for example Serena, the book wouldn’t have anything to do with the Humphrey’s because they aren’t friends at all.
4.The plot of this book is that the narrator is following around a group of wealthy teenagers and observing what its like in their society with the peer pressure and influence of sex, drugs, partying, alcohol and more. It also follows the lives of the not so wealthy part of town and puts their lives into perspectives of how different their lives are.
5.The biggest conflict throughout the book is the conflict over Nate between best friends Serena and Blair. Serena and Blair have always been attracted to Nate since kindergarten but neither had ever dated him or even kissed him. Once Blair and Nate started dating, Serena get really jealous and Nate ended up cheating on Blair with Serena during their long summer apart.
6.The character that evolved the most would have to be Dan. In the beginning he was a really good kid and always did the right things. By the end of the book he was a big smoker and drinker. He was never irresponsible about it though. Dan didn’t party much and if he drank he would be at home with Vanessa or his dad.
7.How the book ended was that Nate, Serena and Blair had spent the whole summer away with their families and were all just ready to come back home. Nate got home form his house in Maine first, so he called Serena right when he arrived. Serena took a train to see him and they ended up hooking up at Nates house. Blair came home that day ( a week early) but Nate and Serena made up a story, then Serena left so Blair never found out.
8.The style of this book was very hip and present lingo. The intended audience would defiantly be for teenagers and young adults. The older generation isn’t used to everything going on in teenagers lives theses days, hence they are not the targeted audience.
9. The theme of this book is that money can’t buy you everything in life. Once Blair and Nate were dating Serena was willing to do anything for him and she thought that she had the perfect life and she couldn’t understand why she couldn’t just have Nate too. Serena did learn though that she wasn’t going to be able to pay off Blair to get the one she thought she loved.
10. The meaning of the book is to show teenagers what life is like for this group of people. Even though the story line is fiction, it still makes the readers realize what some people think is a glamorous life style, sometimes is not so great.

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