Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy Birthday or whatever pages 45-90

Loaded Words:
1. college (pg 45) - this is a loaded word to me because I am in high school and I want to go to college so what I do now affects my future. Annie was using this word when she was talking about what college her mother went to.
2. car (pg 51) - car is a very fun word to me ever since I got my license in July. I have so many memories taking road trips in cars as well. The author was using this word as her mother shoved her into her car because she though Annie looked very pretty and wanted to drive her to school.
3. depressing (pg 54) - this has a negative connotation because it always follows with bad respones. Choi was using this when she was talking about a black dress that made her feel depressed.
4. imagine(pg 55)- imagine is a positive connotation because everyone has a diffrent imagination. The author was using it refering to something she could never see herself doing.
5. dog (pg 66)- dog is a special word to me because I had two dogs growing up and I can't even imagine not having them. My parents won't let us get a new one either since my sister is already in college and my brother goes next year and then I go two years after that. Annie was using this word when she was talking about being a new student from Korea and the kids had not asked her yet if she ate dog.
6. wrinkled (pg 74)- wrinkled always makes me think of my grandmas and grandpas. My grandmas and grandpas always put a smile on my face. The author was using this word when she was talking about how old a nun looked.
7. leprechaun (pg 78)- this is a loaded word for me because my mom is over 50% Irish so St. Patricks Day is always a fun holiday at my house. Annie Choi was using this word when she was describing what she thought someone looked like.
8. dance (pg 82)- this loaded word to me is very exciting because my first school dance is coming up. Annie was using this word when she was telling a story about her friend getting asked to a dance.
9. suprise (pg 88) - in my experience suprise was a positive connotation. When I think of suprise I will always think of my sweet sixteen suprise party that my friends threw for me. Choi was using it when she was suprised she finally got her period.
10. chocolate (pg 90)- when ever I think about this word it always brings happy thoughts. Annie was using this word when she describes the first time she got her period and wanted chocolate.
In the fourth chapter of this memoir Annie described how her mother loved to dress nice. Her mother would always say," just because I am a stay at home mom does not mean I have to dress like one." Annie's mother took her shopping and showed her named brands such as Versace, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, and Liz Clauborne. Annie could tell you what kind of people would wear all these brands of clothes. In the fifth chapter it talked about when Annie first moved to America. Her mother had her go to kindergarten when she new almost no english words. It was very hard for her to make friends because they put her in special classes to try and learn the language. By first grade Annie had made a couple friends and thats all she wanted. Annie also talked about how her mother made her take Korean school on Saturdays. So growing up Annie would always combine her talking with English and Korean, which would get very confusing. In the sixth chapter Annie talked about how she had not got her period yet and was very embarssed about it. She was the only girl she new who did not have it yet. Annie's mother would tell her that she was a late bloomer and it was going to be okay but Annie did not like the sound of that. Annie also talked about how she could drive a car but was still not a woman and all these things but was not a woman still. Finally towards the end of the chapter she gets describes the first time she got her period, she was seventeen years old.
I thought it was funny how she described her mother to be. Growing up my mom also loved to look nice and dress up so its kind of funny how it seems like alot of mothers like to do that. When I was little my mom would buy my clothes too just like Annie's mom, sometimes she would buy the weirdest stuff but thought that I looked adorable just like Annie's mom did to her. I think it is also funny to hear her talk about the first time she got a bra. How her mother is just going threw them all and having her try them all on because my mom always makes me try on everything that she likes even if I don't think its cute. I thought these past three chapters were pretty funny and I could relate to the stuff that she was talking about for the most part. It was really fun to read these chapters.

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