Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Sister's Keeper week 1 post A

1. embryonic- (pg. 8) ,adjective, meaning developing
2. promyelocytes- (pg.33), noun, meaning the predominant cell type seen in leukemia

figurative language
1." Anger glows around this kid like electricity." (pg. 21) This is a example of a simile because it is compairing the kid's anger to electricity while using the word like.
2."Acually, that's not quite true- right now she doesn't have it, but it's hibernating under her skin like a bear, until it decides to roar again." (pg. 10)
This is a example of a simile because Anna is compairing Kate's leukemia to a bear using the word like.
3. "I'm alone in the office long enogh to note that his desk is so neat, you could play Chinese football on the blotter" (pg. 17) This is a example of a imagery because it helps you picture what Mr. Alexander's office looks like.

"Normal, in our house, is like a blanket too short for a bed-sometimes it covers you just fine, and other times it leaves you cold and shaking; and worst of all, you never know which of the two it's going to be." (pg. 11) I think that this quote tells a lot about this book because with their sister, Kate, having leukemia their whole family revoles around if she gets sick and they really dont ever know when that is going to be and just like with the blanket sometimes it is no big deal but other times it could be more serious.
I think that the theme in this book so far is that you should always be ready for what life throws at you.

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