Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Sister's Keeper week 2 post B

Dear Jodi,
I have only read one other book where the author switches who is the narrator of that chapter, what made you decide to make My Sister’s Keeper written in that way? I heard you are coming to Minnesota at Barnes and Noble this March so I wanted to read your book so that if I wanted to meet you I could. I know I am not very far into it yet but I know I for sure am very interested in coming to Barnes and Noble to speak with you. I really like how this is a serious book and how there is a problem in it but then you add a lot of humor to it. Humor lightens the mood and I love how you know where to add some and where not to. I see that your book has won an award and I just wanted to tell you that even though I have not read much I know it deserved every award it as gotten or will get. I really like how when I pick up this novel I do not want to put it down and I find out something new each chapter. How did you decide to make Anna’s real name Andromeda? I love how you had Brian explain the meaning of that name. I think it is great that Anna is finally speaking up for herself. I can not wait to see what she will do or say next!
Molly C

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