Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Sister's Keeper week 4 post A

1. Platelets (97) - noun, a colorless disklike body of mammalian blood that also can make blood clotting
2. Oncologist (97) - noun, the study of tumors

Figurative language

1. "His boat was a USA-1 class, a marvel of mahogany and teak, one he'd bought from the keyboard player J. Geils up in Marblehead. In other words: a dream, a status symbol, and a rite of passage, all wrapped up in a gleaming white sail and a honey-colored hull." (79) This is Campbell describing the sail so that we have a picture of it.
2."Then all of a sudden, she bursts to life, jerking up like a tire jack and puking blood." (96) This is an example of a simile because Jodi is comparing Kate to a tire jack while using the word like.
3.."I have seen her before be a tiger, fighting a medical system that isn't moving fast enough for her"(88). This is a example of a metaphor because it is comparing Anna's mom to a tiger and NOT using the word like or as.

" Kate and I are Siamese twins; you just can't see the spot where we're connected" (92) In the this quote Anna was just finishing telling about her feeling on how she does everything for Kate. For some reason this just really stayed in my mind while I read the next chapter. I think this is a good quote because it just really makes you realize how lucky we are and how much Anna does not like doing all of that stuff for Kate but does it anyway.

I think the theme so far in the book is fight for your rights.

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