Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Sister's Keeper week 4 post B

Dear Campbell,
I feel like you are a confusing man. When we first meet you in the book you are not sure if you want to work on Anna's case and just confused about the whole thing, and now you are working on the case! I think it is really awesome how you are trying to help Anna with her case. I think Anna should have a right to her own body too. But I do not get how Anna does not stand up to her mother, the whole thing confuses me a lot. Anna says she wants one thing and then does not totally follow through with it because I think she chickens out. I think Anna will keep fighting though. How did you feel when you heard Anna was done with the case? I think that your job is very interesting and I want to know more about it so I hope I get to learn more about it in the book. I hope you keep helping other people with their lawsuits. I can not wait to see what else will happen with Anna and her family! Keep up the good work!

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