Sunday, November 25, 2007

happy birthday or whatever pages 209-242 END OF BOOK

In the last chapter of the book, New Year's Games, this chapter ended in current time and Annie was celebrating New Year's Eve with her whole entire family at her parents house. Annie and her family play a game that is kind of like "sorry" but is a little different. Instead of using a dice to see how many spaces you move they used four chopsticks and one side is the correct "up" side and one is the correct "down" side and its all different formations that they make, and that determines home many spaces you move. Another family tradition that they had was to always have all the children bow for the parents but since they were all grown up their grandparents and parents agreed that now that one of the kids got married and had a child they weren't going to give out money anymore. Even though they agreed and all the kids complained, most of the couples still gave Annie money, but as a secret from everyone else. In the end Annie and her mother got along which was nice to see. The last couple pages were acknowledgments that Annie Choi made.

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