Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It had to be you the gossip girl prequel pages 59-115 post A

1.antithesis:opposite (page 81)

2.postcoital: occurring, existing or sexual intercourse (page 90)

Figurative Language
1. "Instead, he allowed himself to be carried like a bag of laundry across the front hall and out the door marked EXIT."(page 81) I new that this was a simile because it is a comparisent made with using the word like.

2." But here was this scruffy, lost-looking boy with wide light brown eyes like a baby deer's caught in headlights." (page 82) I new this was a similie because this quote is comparing something using the word like.

3."Mmmm.Yumm.Wow." (page 85) I new that this was a onomatopoeia because it is a imitation of a sound.

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