Sunday, November 25, 2007

happy birthday or whatever pages 161-208

I commented on Kelsey McElroy's blog and Kara Randalls.
So in the chapter, Fool Who Play Cool, Annie tells the story of when her family goes to Soraksan. Annie was not excited about going. Annie's mother brought some of her friends and the whole time her and her friends would play music that they thought made them look cool. At one point in this chapter they made Annie do karaoke in Korean language so she was not happy about this. Although Annie's mom had alot of fun on this trip it seems that Annie only thought it was okay. In the chapter, Rules of Engagement, Annie was in the car with her father because he was taking her to the airport. Annie and her father do not talk inless it is about serious matters. So on the way down to the airport her father was telling her how she needed to get married because he was getting old. Annie was mad because she is not even that old yet, she is only 26 years old. It also talked about how her cousin,Andy, was not married and how he needed to. In the end Andy and Annie became closer friends with their similarities in life.
I think that this book has taught me a lot about the Korean lifestyle. The Choi family follows all of the Korean rules and it seems that it is very strict. Through every chapter that I have read I feel that Annie is wanting to be unique but the lifestyle that her family wants for her is not allowing her to. I feel bad for Annie because she does not see the same way her mother does so they fight about everything. For me that would be so hard to fight with my mother about everything because I value what she tells me and if I did not agree with anything that she said that would be very hard for me. I also think that it is sad that her father wants her to get married just because he thinks he is getting old and she is, I believe that she should wait tell she finds love not just marry to get married. Also I think that it would be tough to live with a mother who is as controlling as her mom is. This novel so far has taught me that I am very thankful for my family and that they value my opinion.

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