Thursday, November 29, 2007

types of DEBATE

School Debate team
These debates are located at different schools of the teams you compeite against. The purpose of this kind of debate is just for fun but for others it may be because its something they want in their future. Having said that they debate for fun I think that when people debate for fun they would arrive at a better decision. The debate is structured.This effects the decision making process by the evidence is given in a structured manner and the team that deserves to win should win.
Political Debates
This kind of debates usually occurs at universities and other places of learning. The purpose of the debate is that the debates allow political candidates to present their views on issues and they also help voters decide who to vote for.Yes I think that this does help make the decison arrive better because it gives the voters a great oppurtunity to see who the person is.The debate is structured.Yes this does effect the decison making process by it makes it fair for both sides and allows all parties involved to get their fair share of talking in.
Court Cases Debate
These are in courtrooms.The purpose of this kind of debate is court cases happen when someone is accused of doing something wrong and is pronounced guilty or not guilty. This doesn’t necessarily help arrive at a better decison because someone could not be guilty and they declare them guily. But for the most part they are usually right so yes I guess it does. It is structured. This effects the decison making process because the court can come to a more logical decision if it is structured.
Family/Friend Debates
This can happen wherever you talk with your friends or family. The purpose of this is that you may have different opinion about something than your friend or family does so it may lead to a debate.This may not help arrive at a very good decision. This is unstructured. This can effect the decison making process by it might be very difficult to arrive at a decision at all sometimes.

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