Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy birthday or whatever 129-160 post 1

" In my gandmother's opinion, everything was too something- the weather was too cold,food was too spicy, clothes were too itchy, the neighborhood was too loud and too dirty." Happy Birthday or Whatever by Annie Choi (page 141). I thought that this quote set the tone of the book because in every chapter it seems that something is not right. Even though this is just one quote revealing that everyone was very optionated in her family I feel that it describes the book. In every chapter Annie always tells storys from her life and how something is not right and this quote says to me that even her gandmother always thought something was wrong. It just describes the Choi family because so far from what I have read it this novel is about how Annie and how she is not perfect which is how her grandmother felt about everything.
"It doesn't matter-I'm still not eating meat. And I can fold my own shirts anway I want" Happy Birthday or Whatever by Annie Choi (page 131). I think that this quote said by Annie describes the novel. When Annie said this she was fighting with her mother about how she did not want to eat meat and she was folding laundry with her mother and her mom was yelling at her for doing it wrong. All of Annie's storys which make this novel are always Annie and her mother having different opinions on things so I think thiss quote does a very nice job of setting the tone of the book.

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Kelseys blog for school? said...

Molls- With these quotes and your descriptions I can picture what is going on and you did a nice job describing them. These quotes seam like they would be good for seting the tone of the section. The only thing I would say you have to improve on is discribing more of who is around her when this is going on. But overall good job!