Sunday, November 25, 2007

happy birthday or whatever pages 129-160 post 2

So in Happy Birthday or Whatever in the chapter Vegetarian Enough it as all about how Annie and her mother are fighting because her mother believes that you should eat meat and Annie becomes a vegetarian. Through the whole chapter her mother tells her she has to make her own food from now on because she was not going to make a special meal just for Annie and was just being rude to Annie. In this whole chapter Annie and her mother do not get along. In the next chapter, The Devil Moisturizes, she tells storys from when she went to visit her grandmother in Korea. If you ask me her gandmother is more rude then her mother which I did not think was possible. During the trip Annie got in a fight with her brother Michael so that was not good at all. Annie tells storys of how her gandmother would critize her on just the littlest things. It seems as if she doesn't have fun when she goes to visit.

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