Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Outside Reading Book Quarter 2

The title of my book is, It had to be you, the gossip girl prequel. The author of the novel is Cecily von Ziegesar. This novel was published in 2007. It had to be you is a fiction. This gossip girl prequel is 402 pages. One way that I know that this is sufficiently challenging for a sophomore like myself is that it says, "for ages 15 and up". Which is perfect for me because I am sixteen years old. Another way that I know that this is suitable to read for a high school student is that New York Magazine said," suprisingly sophisticated". I chose to read this book for this assignment because I have read a couple of the books in the series and really enjoyed them. I also watch the tv show, Gossip Girl, but some of the stuff is hard to understand because they do not tell you what happens before so I am hoping that this will help me understand the show and the couple novels I read from the series. Another reason why I chose this book is that I wanted to read a book that I will enjoy and will keep me interested and I have never heard one bad word about this series of books. I am really excited to start reading this book!

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Mr. Hatten said...

Normally I'd be down on the whole Gossip Girl series, but I'll allow you to read this book. Have fun with it.